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Another bloody meeting

Raphaël Garnier was found with a pencil jutting out of his heart just before the project progress meeting.

Did he have in his possession something that others coveted?
Did someone want to shut him up?
Was he hiding a secret ?

These are all questions you must answer during this murder investigation party.


   French version : Un bon coup de crayon

Atmosphere: Consulting company, computer technology

The 6 characters of this murder party
One suspect can be removed

Rachel Dramond
(the witness)
The character can be a man or a woman

Adèle MaudhuyThe character is a woman

Gérard LemoineThe character is a man
Béatrice RivièreThe character is a woman Gaël Cerdan The character is a man Fred Lefèvre The character can be a man or a woman


A murder party written by Pascal Martin.