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Computer Assisted Murder

Mid-afternoon on the 25th of January 2011, all is calm in the luxurious restaurant, La Clairière, at the Grand Hotel in Saint Clement.

For many years now, the prestigious restaurant has received four macarons in the famous international gastronomic guide: The Mc Ferson Guide to Good Food

Julia Terroni, one of the most exacting critics of the guide is staying at The Grand Hotel for her annual visit and to write her assessment.

The receptionist starts to worry when he can't get her on the phone in her room to let her know that her taxi has arrived.

He goes up to her room and knocks on the door with no reply. He decides to open the door and finds, with horror, the body of Julia Terroni lying on the floor.

Revenge ? Jealousy ? Money ? Power ?

  French version : Room sévices

Atmosphere : hotel, restaurant, publishing

The 5 characters of this murder party


Alex JohansenThe character can be a man or a woman

Chris McFersonThe character is a woman

Fred MullerThe character can be a man or a woman


Sam Batignole The character can be a man or a woman

  Manu Lopez The character can be a man or a woman
(the witness)


A murder party written by Pascal Martin.