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Nasty business at the castle

The castle is buzzing. The finishing touches are being made to the preparations for an exhibition dedicated to the explorer Paul-Henry Monfray.

The former home of the adventurer will be the setting for this international exhibition presenting his possessions. These rare artefacts from all over the world shall be brought together for the first time and presented to the public.

Amidst the ongoing preparations, the body of Paul Jones, a local businessman in civil engineering, is found in the sitting room of the castle.
Who could have anything against Paul Jones, a man with no worries...

Jealousy? Corruption? False invoices?

Something to do with the exhibition?

Paul-Henry Monfray

   French version : Sale histoire au château

Atmosphere : history, heritage

The 4 characters of this murder party

Suzan GrangerThe character is a woman
Jean Marty (Witness)The character can be a man or a woman
Henri WernerThe character is a man Emilie MarquezThe character is a woman


A murder party written by Pascal Martin.